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Scotch tape is optional

I sometimes wondered how we were going to pay the rent and utilities. I would ask Jesus how we were going to keep going. At the time our rent and utilities cost $100 a month. We didn’t have any money on hand. Then this little envelope came. It had Scotch tape across the back of it. And in it were five $20 bills. After that, I never wondered again.

- Virginia Schrantz 1994

September is Hunger Action Month. It is a time to reflect on the good works performed each week by our director and his all-volunteer crew. It is also a time to give thanks for the small miracles that so often grace our little Pantry -- like the Scotch-taped envelope.

This has been a challenging year for Miss Virginia’s. Last year, people came to our door for help 28,000 times --28,000 visits representing 90,000 household members. That was an increase of 17% over 2020. And this year? Visits are up another 35%. Astonishing. And a little daunting.

The increased need comes at a time of higher food prices. Also, our Pantry’s most reliable source of free or heavily discounted food items is itself experiencing limited donated supply, particularly as to meat. So, in short, we are buying more of the food we distribute and paying more for it.

Still, when our Guests arrive each Tuesday and Wednesday, Greg Witte and a team of more than 40 volunteers are there for them, joyfully filling bags with meat, eggs, fresh produce, bread, and canned fruits and vegetables, through our Balanced and Nutritional Food Program. It hasn’t been easy. We have scrambled to find alternative food sources, shifted resources, and, candidly, spent more money to ensure that our Guests do not have to make an impossible choice between food and other necessities like medicine, utilities, or childcare.

One constant throughout the years has been the generosity of our donors. We are funded solely by donations, and this year we could use a little extra help if you can manage. Will you please lend your support with a tax-deductible donation to Miss Virginia’s? A donation envelope is included –Scotch tape is optional. Or, you can donate here.

We are so very grateful for your help.


Dan McNamara

Board President

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